70 nabbed for possession of agarwood

Seventy people have been arrested after being caught in the possession of agarwood/gaharu in 13 operations since 2013.

The Forestry Department  carried out 2,349 patrols in jungles this year alone.

While the number of trees had shrunk, he said there was still “an abundance” of trees in uncharted forests that had yet to be surveyed.

“The fact that it is under Appendix 2 of the CITES Regulation, the species is endangered. It is a long way from being listed under Appendix 1 which will indicate critically endangered status,” Wan Junaidi said in an e-mail response.

This reason why it is still happening is due to poor enforcement. The number is still small but we need to reduce or stop completely on the felling of agarwood. Forestry and Perhilitan should start conducting joint operations as illegal loggers are also poaching wild animals.

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