Ayu is only the third Agar Aura far-west Malaysian oud ever distilled, and if you like your Malay oud oils ultra Malay it doesn’t get any better than this.

About 20 years ago, Malaysian agarwood (wood and oil) was not what it is today – or any agarwood for that matter.
I remember, as a child growing up in Saudi Arabia, I loved going to the little oud shop at the ground level of the apartment where I lived. There are a few scents I never forgot, continued to miss, and had been trying to replicate for the longest time since then.
One of them happened to be a be a bright green oud, green in both scent and color.
With the birth of Ayu, I was able to finally rediscover a scent I long yearned for: the “nicest smelling oud” among a sea of barny oud oils, that I remember from my youth.

Ayu is the successor to Darul Aman, being the second oud oil I hand-crafted from awesome incense-grade agarwood from the Malaysian state of Kedah. Exact same grade of wood (plenty of small incense grade chips mixed with large slabs of tiger grade wood). As with all our ‘Special K’ batches, the yield of Darul Aman was very low and so that oil will never get released. As for Ayu, the yield was almost triple (read: the cost-per-gram came out to be a fraction, for the exact same grade of wood).
Lovingly hand-crafted in a Spanish copper still, Ayu is Agar Aura’s first publicly-released take on oud from Kedah State, and it is sure to send Malaysian oud lovers over the moon.

Before Aquilaria Hirta became the de facto Malaysian oud, folks who have been around for a while will remember Malaysian Aquilaria Malaccensis giants as the oud ambassadors of Malaysia. These huge trees (the largest of all oud species and varieties) yielded massive chunks of pitch-black resinated agarwood.
The aroma: the zestiest and most vibrant oud anyone had ever smelled.

Zesty is right. Ayu smells like kola nut juice, together with tamarind jam, vanilla, cinnamon, rock rose, lemon, lime, and orange zest, doused in sugar syrup. That’s right folks, Ayu delivers the elusive ‘cola note’ that’s harder and harder to find in modern Malaysian ouds, by the bucketfuls. Think cola, cream soda and Pakola, all on top of a heavyweight base of α-Agarofuran.

This green ambery cola-like sweet zesty oud for me may be a ‘comfort oud’, as it brings back fond memories of better times. But for those who have yet to experience what the best of yester-year Malaysian ouds had to offer, Ayu will still be an olfactory joy, and a portal to the past glory of Malaysian oud.

Best of all: the yield was so high (without using any yield-boosting techniques) that you are getting one of Agar Aura’s top shelf oils for half the price.

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