Kanzen is one of those rare oils that punches far heavier than its weight class.

Raw materials picked up in Cambodia, checked in with my luggage and flown back home, meticulously hand-crafted for three weeks night and day; this is a wild Cambodian oud oil that will give a taste of what you may have been missing out on, if you haven’t tried any of Agar Aura’s handmade oud oils yet.

Before you take your first whiff of Kanzen, the first thing you will need to do is forget everything you have come to expect in Cambodian oud.
Forget about the typical fruity notes found in common Cambodian oud oils – there are none. And most certainly do not expect any unwelcome foreign odors that belong in farms and latrines.
Now picture yourself sitting in front of an agarwood sifu as he prepares a censer with the perfect temperature, and places on it a carefully sized and measured sliver of Cambodian agarwood.

Glowing golden chords greet your nose first. As you wonder how a scent could be so crystalline and scintillating yet so silky and warm, the second layer of effulgent top notes begins to reveal itself. Instead of the oh-so-typical cherries and plums, you find a prominent burnt toffee note along with the soothing scent of evaporated milk and creamy vanillic wood. Like many others of our hand-made Cambodian oils, the overall scent profile may perplex you as you wonder why it smells more Vietnamese than Cambodian.
Its simple really. The two countries are next to each other, and have the same species of agarwood. The reason why typical ouds from these countries smell ‘typical’ is because of the distillation habits employed by distillers of their respective geographies.

Strip away those scent filters and let the agarwood talk without disruption, and you get an entirely different breed of oud. Oud untainted by the hand of man, the limitations of apparatus setups, and sacrilegious distillation ‘techniques’ (or ‘mistakes’ in my vernacular).
Take that, go the extra mile to source carefully hand-picked vintage raw materials, and you get Kanzen – pure Cambodian oud, uninterrupted.

Whereas most of our distillations have been prohibitively costly (oud is a luxury product after all, and Agar Aura’s aim is to deliver the best), this one turned out to have a significantly lower cost-per-gram. You will realize it truly does punch heavier than its weight, and I promise you won’t find another Cambodian oud of this caliber at this price tag.
Best of all: it displays hints of Khmer Special K, the finest Cambodian oud ever distilled according to many… at a fraction of the price.

Kanzen is dedicated first and foremost to folks who have not yet tried my hand-made oils. After you try this oud, you may then start to realize what our top heavy-weight oud oils have to offer.

Are all oud oils created equal?
Do modern-day inferior harvests from the jungle compare to old batches (like the raw material for distilling this oil)?
Try Kanzen. Then you be the judge.

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